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Creatives 4 Democracy is a volunteer collective of creators across America producing original content to educate, engage, and empower Americans to participate in our democracy. 


We started out as Creatives 4 Biden and worked along-side the campaign to bring integrity back into the White House.  That was the first of many steps toward progress for all people, regardless of a political party.  


This is the world’s greatest democracy, but it’s had flaws dating back to our founding days.  C4D hopes to use the truth to unite us and make it more entertaining than the fiction dividing us. 


C4D is a platform where creativity can make a difference because we can’t wait any longer for change.


We aim to grab your attention and inspire you to act.  


Digital media plays an important role in shaping our culture, and the audience demands relevancy and entertainment… we get that! 


Creatives 4 Democracy videos, graphics, and editorials will take what works, leverage the truth, and break through the overloaded digital space.  


It’s easy to forget that doing our part can be as simple as having a conversation.  Every vote matters, every voice can be powerful, and even the smallest actions can make a world of difference.  


Our content is our pitch to get you involved… join us!


Zach Boone

Zach is a Junior at the University of Oregon majoring in advertising. He is a Student-Emmy Award winning editor.

Alicia D'Souza


Alicia specializes in creative strategy and content production, she has worked directly with brands such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, Merck & Hyundai-Kia.

Nora Longergan

Nora has been working in the film industry for the past 5 years, while writing, producing, and editing shorts in her free time. 

Jennifer Pransky

Jennifer has worked in sports production for 20+ years on the world’s largest sporting events.  In 2019, she refocused her career to be purely driven by purpose and service.

David Straiton

David is a TV director working in one hour drama. His credits include Narcos, House MD, BloodDrive, Fringe and Star Trek… to name a few.

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